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Timeline of the "Baby Doe" investigation

Megan Cotter
 News Journalism
 September 24, 2015
Timeline of The Investigation of ¨Baby Doe¨

             On June 25th, a toddler was found by a dog walker in a trash bag on Deer Island in Boston Harbor. The little girl was in white pants with black polka-dots and a zebra-print blanket. No one knew who she was or where she came from. Since she was in the early stages of decomposition, police believed she was murdered not long before she was found. On July 2nd, the police released an artist sketched photo of the child and a picture of the clothing items found in the trash bag with her, and they later updated the picture to include her pierced ears. On July 15th, an anonymous text tip line was created to get any information on the child. Almost 100 billboards were put up though out Massachusetts to try and find the identity of the little girl  on July 20th. A memorial mass was held on Beacon Hill for ¨Baby Doe¨ on July 29th. On August ninth, and analysis of pollen on her clothing proved that she was most likely from the Boston area. At the end of August, a vigil is held on Deer Island for the innocent, little girl. 

               On September 17th, sources said there was a search warrant on an apartment on Maxwell street in Mattapan. The following day, the police press charges on the boyfriend of ¨Baby Doe¨s mother with her murder. ¨Baby Doe¨ is identified as a two and a half year old named Bella Bond from Dorchester. Bella´s mother, Rachel, is charged as an accessory in her own daughter´s murder at the age of forty.The boyfriend, thirty five year old Michael McCarthy, is charged with the murder of Bella without a bail and the mother is charged as an accessory of the murder with a bail of one million dollars. Sources state that the reason behind murdering the child was that the boyfriend believed that she was demon. Police even found books about demons in the apartment. On the night she was killed, Bella was giving them a hard time at bed time and the boyfriend told the mother he would take care of it. The couple was most likely on drugs through all of this. McCarthy then allegedly wrapped Bella in a bag and put her in the fridge. Authorities are still unsure about the cause of her death, but natural causes have been ruled out. When the mother was arrested, she was on heroin, and the boyfriend was put on suicide watch.  Bella Bond was born on August 6th in 2012. While Rachel was pregnant with Bella, she served some time in jail. "Her last stay with us came in 2012 when she was pregnant with Bella. Poor kid didn't have a chance," said an official. As soon as Bella was born, the Department of Children and Families opened an investigation on Rachel Bond's competency. The agency had contact with Bella Bond from two neglect cases back in 2012 and 2013, but the cases were closed. Not only did an innocent little girl suffer a tragic death, she also did not experience a good home life before she was murdered.

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Pet Peeves

Megan Cotter
Pet Peeves Journalism
September 24th, 2015
Pet Peeves

          One of my pet peeves is Iggy Azalea. Her voice really gets on my nerves and her songs make me cringe whenever I hear them. I do not hate her, she just really annoys me. Another one of pet peeves is when people chew loudly and with their mouth open. Personally, it makes me cringe. When couples sit on the same side of the booth is another one of my pet peeves. There is two sides of a table for a reason, you don't have to sit next to each other. I also cannot stand when you genuinely ask someone what's wrong when there is obviously something wrong, and they reply with "oh nothing." If you're not going to tell me what is wrong, then stop sulking around me. When people zig-zag in and out of lanes on the highway, especially motorcycles are another one of my pet peeves. Are you trying to get in a car accident? It just really bugs me when people drive really reckless, including texting and driving. When I am driving next to someone and I see them texting and driving, I want to yell at them.

        One of my pet peeves is the noise styrofoam makes when you rub it together. Especially, when people know it gets on your nerves, and do it purposely. I cannot stand when i go to the movies and there is a herd of ten year old kids who won't stop talking during the whole entire movie, or just people in general who are obnoxious at the movies. I do not like when I go out to eat with a big group of people and get a ten dollar meal, but end up spending double what i actually ate. I also cannot stand when I go out to dinner and I order diet coke and they ask "Is diet pepsi okay?" or they just don't ask at all and just give me diet pepsi. If I wanted diet pepsi, i would've ordered it, so no it is not okay. Overall, my number one pet peeve is fake and judgmental girls. I cannot stand when people talk about you behind your back and don't own up to it and act like you're best friends. I also just don't believe in judging someone before you get to know them based off of rumors or what you have heard about them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Taylor Lucero Interview

September 16th, 2015

Taylor Lucero Interview 

    My peer interview is on Taylor Lucero. While interviewing Taylor, I have learned many interesting things about him. He is a senior in high school and wants to go to a small, private college after he graduates and wants to get a degree. He is undecided about what college he wants to go to. When he is outside of school, he likes to "eat, sleep, sometimes drive around, but mostly sleep." Since Taylor is quite short, his biggest fear is walking behind an obese person on the stairs and the person falling backwards. He is afraid that if they fell, he would obviously be severely injured or die. Taylor's favorite television show is The Big Bang Theory and his favorite movie at the moment is You're Next.

    Taylor also has many pets. He has a love bird, two dogs; a Labrador and a Maltese, and a lizard whose breed is unknown. His bird is "like a piranha" and his Labrador is very gassy. He has one sibling, an older brother who is in the same grade as him and is "kind of odd." Taylor's favorite colors are periwinkle and turquoise. His favorite food right now is "broccoli chicken alfredo pizza with onions and freshly chopped up garlic on a thin and crispy pizza bread." Taylor does not like it specifically from a restaurant, it "depends on how I am feeling and if I want to go out or not." Taylor does not have a favorite subject in school because he hates all of his classes equally. "I mean I'll do the work and try my hardest" says Taylor, "But that doesn't mean I have to like it." All in all, Taylor Lucero is a very interesting person.