Monday, November 16, 2015

Annotation of Student Research

Megan Cotter
16 November 2015
D Block

Problem Statement: Is Therapy My Enemy?

Research Question: According to suburban, high school students, what about client effects the outcome of their therapy?

Data Collection: The student used a 5 short answer survey to collect data for his research assignment.

Data Analysis: 75% of the people surveyed have not even gone to therapy and 25% of the people have received therapy. 67% said that age was a factor, 25% said that season/time of year was a factor, 42% said that therapist gender was a factor, 42% said that client gender was a factor, and 83% said that group or individual was a factor. 

Findings: People believe therapy does help people who are emotionally struggling.

Discussion/Conclusion: All in all, therapy could be the best thing for someone or the worst thing for someone, and there are multiple factors that will influence the outcome of the treatment.

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