Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Student-Choice Journalistic Undertaking

Megan Cotter
16 December 2015
D Block
Student-Choice Journalistic Undertaking
 1. Restaurant Review-
     Last weekend I went to the Panera in Plainville with my sister, Alyssa. We waited ten minutes in line which was not that long since it was really busy and once we ordered, they gave us a buzzer so we could go get our food when it was ready. I ordered the pick two special which consisted of half a serving of a grilled chicken caesar salad and half a serving of their macaroni and cheese. The lady who took our order was very nice. It took about twenty minutes until our food was ready and they called my name anyway so there was no point in giving us a buzzer.

    When we went to go get our drinks, I was disappointed to see that they only have diet pepsi because I only like diet coke, so I just got lemonade. On the other hand, the food was really good, but the macaroni and cheese was a little cold. While we were eating, a worker came over and offered a free sample of fresh blueberry muffins. Personally I do not like blueberry muffins, but they were really good. Additionally, the restaurant itself could have been cleaner, but it was not that bad. I have been to different Panera Restaurants, and the one I went to last weekend was cleaner than the other ones I have been to.

   When we were finished eating, the manager came over and took care of our dirty plates and bowls and asked how the food was. We were honest and said "It was very good." She was very friendly and constantly had a smile on her face. Almost everyone around me had a laptop with them while I ate, which is understanding because it is pretty quiet there to work and Panera has free wifi. All in all, my experience to Panera was great and I would definitely go there again.


  1. w0w! great review! I think you could have talked about the flavors more in depth! great job!

  2. Panera is always a good time, nice review!