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Journalism Final

     Megan Cotter

12 January 2016
D Block
Journalism Final-Persuasive Essay

    Do you believe in spirits or mediums? Approximately 45 percent of the United States believe in ghosts, or that the spirits of dead people can come back in certain situations or places. Although it is less than half, it is a decently high percentage. I think that most people who do not believe in ghosts, do not want to believe because it is kind of odd to think about what happens after you die. There is no definite answer to what happens after you die, but it is very possible and logical that your spirit stays after you pass or comes back in certain situations. There is very believable evidence that spirits and mediums are genuinely real. Additionally, ghost activity is important because it is an unanswered topic that has no scientific evidence that proves if they exist or not.

    Initially, there is a variety of  television shows about spiritual activity including Ghost Adventures.  In this television show, the people on the show stay overnight at specific places that are told to be haunted and record the entire stay. They collect paranormal activity using scientific equipment to detect voices or movement. In some episodes, they collect activity from evil spirits that do not want to be disturbed, so they do not have good experiences. Additionally, they also collect images of spirits with scientifically advanced technology which is physical evidence. Personally, I believe some of the activity that happen are just for show to keep it entertaining for the viewers, but I believe most of the evidence of paranormal existence is most likely accurate.  

   Additionally, there is multiple reality television shows about mediums at work including Long Island Medium, Monica the Medium, and Hollywood Teen Medium. These mediums can either talk, read signs, or feel the spirits of past relatives of the person they are reading. I believe this because they go up to complete strangers and tell them personal information about a loved one they lost or just personal information in general a normal person could not have known. Mediums are not clairvoyant, so they can not tell the future, they can only communicate with spirits. Some people think that mediums are frauds, which some are, but there is also real mediums that can communicate with people who have passed. There is articles and videos with “proof” that the Long Island Medium is a fraud and there is also articles stating that she is for real with “proof”. When it comes to mediums, it is honestly what you want to believe, but there is very genuine, physical proof that they are most likely real. In an article called “My Not-So-Psychic Experience With ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo, the author demonstrates that she went to a medium without a reality television show that was very accurate and told her personal information that a normal person would not know and also went to the Long Island Medium show live. The author believes the Long Island Medium is just an actor, but she does believe in mediums. All in all, some mediums with reality t.v shows could be faking it, but there is legit mediums out there that most likely have the gift of communicating with spirit.

 Subsequently, although there is no physical and definite evidence that ghosts are real, there is a lot of compelling pieces of evidence that prove ghosts are real. First, scientists cannot make up their minds, and some are looking for them. To find out if something exists or not, it can usually be proven if it is true or not by scientists, and they still cannot find an answer. If you asked someone a hundred years ago if the earth was flat, they would have told you it is, which scientists have proven that it is not flat through the years. Why would it be different with ghosts? There is no physical evidences that ghosts are real, but there is also no physical evidence that they are not real. All in all, I think that scientists will find evidence that ghosts are real, it will just take time, just like finding out that the earth is not flat. Although it is very difficult to prove something is real with no scientific evidence, there is physical evidence through photographs. These pictures prove that there is something ghostly that exists. Another piece of evidence is that ¨haunted¨ houses affect house prices. ⅓ people in the United States believe that their house is haunted. If ghosts are not real, then what is haunting their house?

     Additionally, another piece of evidence that ghosts are most likely real are Ouija boards. A Ouija board is a board printed with letters, numbers, and other signs, to which a movable indicator points, supposedly in answer to questions from people at a seance that is used to communicate with spirits. When using a Ouija board, there is many rules you have to follow including, it has to be 2 or more players and when you are finished, you must say goodbye or the portal to the other side remains open. Sometimes you may contact an evil spirit that would try to mess with you, so it is very important to say goodbye. The Ouija board has been around for awhile and in the early 1900´s, people were sent to asylums for believing the Ouija board actually worked and could communicate with spirits. In the article ¨How Ouija Boards Work¨, it states ¨Concentration is essential. Experts in this sort of thing advise that you dim the lights, burn incense, and breathe deeply. Witch-board World recommends turning off daily ¨noise¨ like televisions and computers and using candles instead of electric lighting.¨ All in all, there is too many specific rules you have to follow in order to carefully communicate with spirits for it to not be real.

     Ultimately, although there is no physical and scientific evidence that ghosts are real, there is too much information about ghost activity including ghost photos, mediums, indecisive scientific research, and Ouija boards. If ghosts are not real, then why would all of these things exist? For most people, to believe in something, they have to see it, so in order to believe in spirits, they have to experience or witness ghost activity. Everyone has their own personal and different opinion about ghosts, but there is honestly too many reasons and believable evidence that proves ghosts are most likely real. All in all, I strongly believe in ghosts and think you should too.

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